• I am planning a trip and could use some good tips, can you help me out?

Yes we can, please go to the ATO Facebookpage and send us a message in the ATO Inbox via Facebook Messenger. We have several experienced travellers ready for you to answer your questions

  • I have specific questions on assistance dogs and travel. Where can I find information?

Please send us and email and we will ask our Ambassador Assistance Dogs Worldwide, Helma, who realised the implementation of the law with regard to assistance dogs in the Netherlands.

  • I need to find local information – how can I find people who know?

Become a member of the Facebookgroup Accessible Travel Online and share questions, tips and other travel ideas.

  • I am a travelblogger and would like to share my stories. How can I work with ATO?

We publish guestblogs on the ATO blog every 2 weeks. If you want to share your story, send it to us, along with some great photos.