The HotelCheck

It is difficult to know what is good hotelaccessibility. In ‘accessibility’ there is no one size fits all – to be precise, one size fits none. So we work with the basics. Some things have to be in order, and the rest of a list ‘wanted items’ can be accessible. The better the hotelaccessibility, the higher the score.

To help the international disabled community make good travel decisions, we focus on the top 10 topics in hotelaccessibility.  Some outstanding hotels you can find here: | the Netherlands. Our experienced consultants are seasoned travellers and have taken our HotelCheck course.

When we do a HotelCheck we focus on necessary basics and practical solutions. When you stay in a hotel you park your car, go through the door, check-in, find your way on the premises, have dinner, take a shower, sleep and have a lovely breakfast. If there is a pool, a spa, a boardroom or a fitness room, you might wanna check these out. And there is no discussion on restrooms and evacution plans.  We advise hotels on amenities for people who are blind, or visually impaired, deaf, and people who have assistance dogs.hotel accessibility

We use a 10 points system, in which 5 points are mandatory. A little bit accessible is not up for debate. If the 5 mandatory items in the HotelCheck are in order, hotels will be listed.

Professional agents can do our HotelCheck in their region/country if they have signed up for our Licensed Partner Program.