Terms and Conditions for hotels

Accessible hotels in all corners of the world will benefit from being listed on Hotelaccessibility.com. It is the choice of the traveller that is the key factor. The more accessible hotels to chose from, the better.

Please send us:

  • A direct link to your frontpage or bookingform on your website (preferably in English)
  • A few photos  (high resolution) we can use in our social media campaigns
  • Contact info of the independent partner (a travelagency specializing in accessible travel, or a licensed/registered Accessibility Advisor in your country) who guarantees the accessibility in your hotel
  • Yearly accessibility review



Your Extra’s:

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  • Use our Hotelaccessibility button on your website
  • Zero cost updating your own website on your accessibility standards
  • Accessible tourism is the fastest growing market within the hospitality industry – 15% – 20% potential increase of hotelbookings.