Rome and Italy

We proudly present as a partner for bella Italia: Rome and Italy.  logo Rome and Italy

They organize tours and excursions for disabled tourists and their families with special equipments and the assistance of their staff. With a special wheelchair, wheely trekky, they help persons with disabilities to visit all the archeological sites and places previously inaccessible due to architectural obstacles, holes and steps such as Roman Forum, Pompeii excavation and many more.

Look at this wonderful video on the Colosseo!

They provide 100% accessible accommodations in every Italian city, tested and approved directly by Rome and Italy staff.
Also they offer private vehicles equipped with platforms or transfers, excursions and tours with skilled and professional drivers in every Italian city to guarantee people with disabilities the best vacations.
Furthermore they provide rental of all types of equipment for disabled tourists so it will not be necessary to bring your own aids while you are traveling.

wheely trekky   RENTAL SCOOTER