The visually impaired – the largest group of hotelguests using extra services

Tmenu visually impairedogether with Hilton The Hague, the Netherlands, we have developed a VIP. It stands for Visually Impaired Package. The package consists of hotel information, the restaurant menu and wine list, as well as the map of the hotel printed in braille and large font writing.
Today, it is for the very first time that accessible tourism is the largest growing market in the field. And a very large number of travellers, the majority of them being senior citizens, is visually impaired. First, our VIP is for blind people and second for everybody who cannot read the small or hip design fonts that are to be found on many menus. And inclusion means everybody can enjoy a meal in a way it suits best. We had several blind and visually impaired people test the menu and they all loved it. No waiting for somebody to read it to them, no use of their phone reading the menu in a voice-over app. Just sitting quiet, enjoying a great meal with friends.