We proudly present: 100th hotel – fully accessible

Corendon Vitality hotel Amsterdam score 10

The Corendon Vitality hotel in Amsterdam is a brand new hotel. It is accessible to the max. The hotel has 14 Vitality rooms. Doors open automatically, bathroom is luxurious and accessible, as well as the hotelroom. On every floor there are 2 vitality rooms, so if you want a room with a view, this is the place to be. The location is perfectly situated between the international airport of Schiphol and the Amsterdam citycentre. Besides the accessible rooms and restaurant, you can find an accessible spa and pool. There is even a Beach Room, where the actual beach is imitated in sound, smell and real sunlight warms your face. What makes this hotel so special? For us it is special because we are proud to present the Corendon Vitality hotel as the 100th listing in our database. For hotelguests it is special because the staff is very friendly and they all understand how important good customer service is. To all guests.